21 Ways to Mess with Your Man

I love to mess with people. Plain and simple. So rather than the basic, “Ways to piss off a girl” post (because let’s be honest, what doesn’t piss a girl off?) I decided to switch it up. After 21 years of living in a man cave, I have gotten to be pretty good at figuring out what would push a man’s buttons. So ladies, if you’re anything like me and want to spice life up a little or just be a little shit because you can, here are some fun and creative ways to mess with your man. Have fun 🙂

  1. Leave bobby pins and/or ponytails everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
  2. Pull the “I want a baby” prank.
  3. Hit “log out of all devices” on his Netflix account, then run for your life.
  4. Suggest that you want to test if blue balls are real.
  5. Pull the “We need to talk,” line in random public places.
  6. Pretend like you’re going to kiss him, then sneeze. Or yawn.
  7. Ask him to help you make a tinder profile.
  8. Eat any and all of his leftovers. This will be more effective if you eat them in front of him.
  9. That being said … always chew with your mouth open. When he says something about it, ask him why he’s calling you fat.
  10. Talk about how impressive/attractive another guy was at the gym.
  11. Tell Siri on his phone to address him as “asshole.”
  12. Walk into the room and change the channel without asking or explaining why. This is most effective when he’s watching ESPN.
  13. Reply to all of his messages with “K.” Okay, this is basic, but it still is one thing that pisses people off.
  14. Put all of his Xbox/PS4 games in the wrong cases. Seriously, set up a camera or something. You won’t want to miss that reaction.
  15. Insist he makes you dinner, then claim to not be hungry when he finishes cooking.
  16. Invite your girl friends to one-on-one time.
  17. Ask stupid questions every five minutes during a movie. This is much more effective if you’ve both seen the movie several times.
  18. Play on your phone whenever he’s trying to talk to you.
  19. Respond to everything with “Why?” Guys hate when you question everything they say or do.
  20. Find a new celebrity man crush and set him as your phone background.
  21. Take a screenshot of his desktop, hide or get rid of the icons on the desktop, and then make that screenshot his new wallpaper. This is especially effective if he is a computer engineer or computer science major.